About Us


We strive to bring you the most innovative products and work on your budget. Located in Santa Clarita, California, Xtreme Audio Creations SCV has been the local favorite for auto sound, car alarms, installations and more. We are constantly adding new products to fit your metro needs, aside from our main auto sound store we have a fully insured install shop.

Our philosophy from day one was to institute the highest standards and quality for all of our installs.  To this day we go the extra mile to assure our customers receive the highest quality service. The vehicles being driven today are, essentially, computers with cars built around them. So it’s more important than ever to do quality work.

We also serviced and installed sound equipment, cruise control, power windows, alignment, sunroofs, window tinting, and appearance products around our area car dealers.

Today’s Xtreme Audio Creations SCV is very different only in the products we carry and install but you’ll find out immediately that we haven’t ever lost our way or original philosophy since our company was established back in 1995. We are still a locally owned and operated family run store, while other stores either go out of business or constantly change owners. You can be assured with trusting us with your vehicle and that your purchase with us is as safe with us today as it was in 18 years ago.